I’ve said this many times over the years. I DON’T MOVE IN SILENCE. I move loud, proud and with PURPOSE.

– I’m proud of myself
– I inspire people
– I inspire myself
– It balances out the negativity that is. heavily shown
– It won’t block my BLESSINGS (if it can be blocked it wasn’t mine)
– It takes more than me to build my dreams
– Plans are BIRTHED thru conversation
– Moving loud doesn’t deter my FOCUS

And I know people feel like your enemies or naysayers will attack if they know what you are doing. But they are going attack you regardless. JUST BECAUSE ITS YOU. Besides your attack has to be stronger than my PURPOSE and that ain’t gone happen captain. Moving for me requires sound. And its definitely a BEAUTIFUL NOISE.



My Expo is returning in May 2020. I’m super excited. My first expo was a rebirth. I call it that because I had to lose everything in order to get to where I was. I ended a business partnership, closed a venue and was basically BROKE…… Then I birthed Born Natural, Natural Hair Expo. I sold about 100 tickets but by the end of the night over 250 people showed up. I was overwhelmed. The space was pretty small but the energy and love was huge. That’s when I knew that I could do this (MY WAY)

Fast forward to 2015, 2016 Two more Expos under my belt but at a much larger scale. 19,000sf space Over 400 people and It was me, standing there looking at myself in the midst of everything that tried to tear me apart.

So here we are going on 4 years later. Now I’m currently living in Georgia and have been for 3 years. IT’S TIME FOR THE


A Seat With Daphne

I wanted to change the conversation. Put the phones away and actually talk to someone you don’t know. So I created A SEAT WITH DAPHNE.  This has been in my mind and heart for over 6 years, and although I’ve done hundreds of events over the years it just didn’t happen. So August 24TH 2019 was the moment I’ve been waiting for. I invited my guests who didn’t know what to expect. They came and were overwhelmed with excitement and joy. They didn’t even miss their phones. What we did is still a mystery and if you want to have A SEAT WITH DAPHNE continue to follow me.

Doula Life

I never thought that I would be a Doula but 2018 took me on a journey that lead right to it. I know, I know, what is a doula anyway?

A doula is someone that supports a pregnant woman and her partner during pregnancy. Doulas are non medical professionals who are there just for you. Well I am a certified birth and postpartum doula. I am excited about this Journey.

Daphne Pollard BD, PD

My Trip to South America

I visited a beautiful place called Cartagena, Colombia in September and it was amazing. I explored the walled city, went paddleboarding in the ocean and took a bike ride tour through the neighborhoods. It was the most amazing experience. I had the privilege to visit the village of palenque. This is the land of the first FREED slaves in the Americas. I can’t wait to return, a week went by in a flash.


You know how you just think up something that you think is dope and you have to jot it down, This is it.

“I think that every relationship should do a Annual Re-certification. I need to check to see if you are still certified for this position. This goes for lovers and friends”
-Daphne Pollard


I saw a status that my facebook friend posted this morning and I wanted to expound on it… * reminder my opinion is just that, opinions are not laws nor do they make you right.

There are people in the world, even in your world that burn sage, hold crystals and meditate with the intent to rid negative energy from around them but they tend to not use it to rid the negative energy WITHIN THEMSELVES. Sometimes that very energy that they themselves want to get away from is the root underneath them.

We spend so much energy on proving that our circles are small and that our inner circle is so important when the very people in that circle don’t feel that way. Why don’t we truly build our inner peace so that our “small circles” will be of true substance and a unlimited tornado of each individuals growth.

Growth cannot remain contained. The circle expands or form new circles continuously. And that to me is never a bad thing. We always want to shade or post subliminal messages and memes for the people that are no longer in our lives (I’ve done it plenty of times in my past) but that causes a seed of resentment to grow instead of a seed of celebration…. which should be the case..