I was always deemed different. Never ever really cared much about fancy clothes, or shoes… not big on Manicures or Pedicures either. My Mom said to me last month “you have always been the free type” I do the things that I want and like to do.

A few people messaged me and said that I was Brave to cut my hair. …….. that made me feel some kind of way. Hair is not a big deal to me… Don’t get me wrong, I am not saying that I don’t value it’s presence or take care of it, I’m saying that with or without it I am still that free, out of the box woman that I’ve always been. I asked my Man to cut my


hair because I wanted too… It wasn’t hard to do for me.

Bravery to me is found inside the people who know their battles, yet they still decide to Get out of bed and face them every day. …


We can be great. TOGETHER

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