I’ve always had a Love/Hate relationship with money. The good that it does is outstanding… But we all know that it’s also such a sad affair when it gets into the hands of the careless… I can remember times I would spend my last dime on people who wouldn’t spend a penny on me, whether they had it or not. Then I would see them buy things that only meant something to them or that would benefit them . So I had to switch my mental. I Learned that it was better to give than it was to receive at a very young age. When I spend money or time on people I consider it an investment… 10 YEARS AGO I STARTED GIVING GIFTS FOR MY BIRTHDAY (At first it was because I didn’t think I would get anything ) TO THE PEOPLE WHO CELEBRATED WITH ME TO SHOW THAT I AM INVESTING IN YOU…
(I also invest in myself, and I invest in others mentally )

I Said all this to say… GOOD MORNING.

daphne pollard

We can be great. TOGETHER

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