Real Love

People often delay Love because they are not financially where they want to be. Not realizing that Love is the finance and the wealth. When you allow real love to enter into your life, it’s a force that pushes you to your greatness. Real love has never stopped anyone from being successful. If anything, it is the motivation and extra comfort that you need while on the journey.

Real love allows you to be exactly who you are while growing on your journey beside someone who is doing the same. Love is growth, Love is all the things that you think you have to prepare for. The person that is meant to love you for real is not a finished product. You have no where to go from there.

Real love is a true journey, a continuous, enlightening, momentous journey of two people who want to spend their lives happily learning one another while also learning themselves, and you can’t risk delaying it to fill your bank account.

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