Stop to Smell The Roses

We often get so caught up in the hustle and bustle of career and adult duties that we forget to take a moment for ourselves or the ones who we adore. I’ve done it before, im sure that we all have. Then we will receive a gentle reminder that we should take a moment to smell the roses.

I am a giver by nature. I give and give and give until I feel depleted. Now don’t get me wrong I love to give, I just don’t know when to stop and replenish. Yesterday was a special day my guy surprised me with flowers. I know to some people flowers wouldn’t be a big deal but they were exactly what I needed.

They were in full bloom, beautiful bright colors and they were just for me. He is the type of guy who fully focuses on his career. He shows me so much patience and gentleness but not in the materialistic way. So to me this was an indication of growth. I felt inspired by every petal on those flowers. He along with the flowers reminded me to stop and smell the roses (They weren’t actually roses though lol).




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