I wanted to do something

And today I SHARE


I never knew what my life would be like, I just knew I would do something. I was a regular kid with irregular habits. We were a middle class family, I had one sister and one brother and had both parents in the home and they were married.. That was a big deal when I went to high school, everyone was shocked that my dad still lived with us.


I’ve always felt detached from family. I love and loved them but I didn’t really know how to express it through words or physically. I wasn’t the scholar in school but I was extremely smart with the exception of math ughhhhhh, I didn’t want to participate in sports, band, or cheer. I just wanted to do something.


I would always take up for those who were picked on or bullied. It was the one thing that boiled my blood. People seemed to liked me, the popular and none popular. So I guess I was just somewhere in between.


I never knew what my life would be like. I just knew I wanted to do something. I have very selective memories of my childhood. Sometimes I wonder if I was here at all, but my family say they remember me so I guess I was.


College was unique, I was there but I was not there. I often helped friends with school work but my own motivation was non-existent. So I drooped out. Four schools later I finished in something.


I remember that:


I was electrocuted, raised in an alcohol and drug environment, molested, lost everything in a fire, felt out of place, almost raped, suffered identity theft, lost a child, lost myself, left a 7 year relationship, lost my Grandmother, lost my brother, felt betrayed in Relationships, lost all of my material possessions(AGAIN ūüėź), made some horrible decisions, betrayed in business, and lost one of my very best friends. I missed a lot in between but you get the picture.


And now I’m here. Not effected but affected


Still wanting to do something, only this time I know exactly what SOMETHING is.


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