What do the LONELY do at Christmas. 

​The people that I LOVE are all in my heart today. And they are scattered everywhere..It’s so amazing how they all fit in my heart and there is plenty of room for more… That LITTLE THING IS POWERFUL. I have been without my love on this day for a few years due to parental duties. At first I was emotional about it. It was like a bitter sweet occasion every year. Bitter because we can’t spend it together but sweet because he is one hell of a father…Today I feel so very different.  We actually communicate. Him an I like really discuss our feelings about the things we are uncomfortable with and we devise plans to handle the discomfort.. That’s why this year is different.  We created our own Chrismas day (Eventhough neither of us are to big on it) he came up with the perfect plan and although I would still love to physically be with him….. My heart is, and he knows that. My heart is with several people.  That’s some powerful ish. That’s why I am happy today. 
“The heart connects when your hands can’t”

-Daphne Pollard

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