Why doesn’t he post me on Social Media 

Honesty Moment: 
Long ago I would feel a jealous feeling when I would see men post their ladies pictures on social media or post a loving status about them. I would think to myself…. why doesn’t my guy do this? Am I not the one? Is he hiding something? THEN I TOOK A LONNNG HARD LOOK AT MYSELF.  (YES MYSELF)
Why was I overlooking the acknowledgements he made everyday that only I knew about.  Like when he tells me that I am beautiful, smart, inspiring. When he gives me kisses, back and shoulder rubs, brings me snacks that only he knows I like. Smack my backside, come to my job EVERYDAY, Lazy days, photoshoots in his camera, long meaningful conversations … Why did I not see those things as enough?  Like when something exciting happens we call each other. When he posts on social media 9 times out of 10 I’ve seen it already. These are the things that make me special. These are things that fill up my Social life.
We tend to let other peoples lives dictate what we think our lives should be like. People will have you thinking that your man is cheating, hiding you and that you are not special all because he chooses not to share you with the world. But what if you already are his world?
I still enjoy seeing others spread their love but now instead of feeling jealous I feel Happy because I can relate to what they feel…
I would rather have my PISTACHIOS than be his WCW any day. 
Pistachios are too good.

Daphne Pollard

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