I never want ANYONE to do ANYTHING for me because it’s the  “RIGHT THING TO DO” I really don’t care who you are.. Like I told my Guy Don’t Propose or Marry me because its the “RIGHT” thing to do.  Friends and family don’t come to my events or support me because its the “RIGHT” thing to do.  WHY?

I am a realist, and I truly understand the value that I hold, so in my Opinion The RIGHT thing to do is what a COLLECTIVE GROUP DECIDES IS ACCEPTABLE FOR ALL PEOPLE . But that doesn’t necessarily  mean that that’s Whats right for YOU, ME or OUR situation… I Want to be the decision because its right FOR YOU, not RIGHT TO DO.
Listen, there are a lot of FORCED RELATIONSHIPS, MARRIAGES BECAUSE OF PREGNANCY, FRIENDSHIPS, ETC… Out here because it is the RIGHT THING TO DO in someones eyes. I’m not saying that it is destined not to work out… I’m just saying that I want to be the ORGANIC CHOICE… Not because someone told you that it was right, but because you truly feel that it’s right.

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