SHARING MOMENT: Be your authentic self. Since I moved to Atlanta, I’ve began sharing What I love, Who I love and Why I love with potential clients, Why? 
Because if I’m going to do business with you I am gonna have to be my authentic self to do my best. I’m NOT TRYING TO SEPARATE MY LIFE, I’M BLENDING IT, so you will know the person, people and things I love from the GATE. That way there is no confusion. That way conversation can flow smoothly. 

✔It’s a constant reminder of what’s important to me

✔It has increased my clientele 

✔No awkward moments if the business meets personal

✔When you love what you do, you include who you love

✔You get more authentic business contacts 
I don’t want to have to BALANCE my life because one thing can throw off balance. I want to have a BLENDED life, where everything works together. 
Daphne Pollard

Good Morning


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