No matter how my life has constantly changed over the years one thing has remained consistent and that is my love for teaching and childcare. For many years I was in the daycare and School system because it made my heart feel good. It wasn’t a lot of money but I was compensated with love, so I got paid.

I was a Nanny in the past with the perfect family (meaning quirky and crazy) and it was an amazing experience.  I traveled to islands and did things I’ve never done. When that ended I decided to pursue my other passion (Events, business, art, poetry, music 🤣) So with so many things rushing through my head, a light bulb turned on.

Why not make a business out of Both? So I do both (This is about Nannying)

I’M a Nanny but I’m a Nanny my way. I meet client’s they tell me what they need, I give them a consultation and we make a deal. But its much more than that. I come in my meetings transparent, fully open, ready to love someone else’s child, someone else’s family and that’s it.

I get paid a lot of money because now I have ownership of it. But I still get compensated with love.


Daphne Pollard 


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