Be right Back…

I am addicted to social media. There I said it. They say the first step in recovery is first admitting that you have a problem right?

I do social media a lot. Yes, I have too because of my business but what about when I’m not conducting business…. why does it consume me? I don’t really know the answer to that but I do know that I take breaks from social media every now and again. I call it REHAB. Lol.

I’m on a break right now. On the

first day I felt antsy. But after a couple of days go by I then realize why I love my life so much. I get to be free from timelines, likes, shares, live videos, and all the constant emotions being thrown at you. Eyes watching you, people judging you or just those annoying ads lol.

I had a til morning talk with my man and it wasn’t about social media. I listened to 300 songs that I love. I ate, I dreamed, I walked, I listened to myself but most importantly I got shit done…

I’ll be back, but until then I’m here.


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