My Expo is returning in May 2020. I’m super excited. My first expo was a rebirth. I call it that because I had to lose everything in order to get to where I was. I ended a business partnership, closed a venue and was basically BROKE…… Then I birthed Born Natural, Natural Hair Expo. I sold about 100 tickets but by the end of the night over 250 people showed up. I was overwhelmed. The space was pretty small but the energy and love was huge. That’s when I knew that I could do this (MY WAY)

Fast forward to 2015, 2016 Two more Expos under my belt but at a much larger scale. 19,000sf space Over 400 people and It was me, standing there looking at myself in the midst of everything that tried to tear me apart.

So here we are going on 4 years later. Now I’m currently living in Georgia and have been for 3 years. IT’S TIME FOR THE


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