You know how you just think up something that you think is dope and you have to jot it down, This is it.

“I think that every relationship should do a Annual Re-certification. I need to check to see if you are still certified for this position. This goes for lovers and friends”
-Daphne Pollard


I saw a status that my facebook friend posted this morning and I wanted to expound on it… * reminder my opinion is just that, opinions are not laws nor do they make you right.

There are people in the world, even in your world that burn sage, hold crystals and meditate with the intent to rid negative energy from around them but they tend to not use it to rid the negative energy WITHIN THEMSELVES. Sometimes that very energy that they themselves want to get away from is the root underneath them.

We spend so much energy on proving that our circles are small and that our inner circle is so important when the very people in that circle don’t feel that way. Why don’t we truly build our inner peace so that our “small circles” will be of true substance and a unlimited tornado of each individuals growth.

Growth cannot remain contained. The circle expands or form new circles continuously. And that to me is never a bad thing. We always want to shade or post subliminal messages and memes for the people that are no longer in our lives (I’ve done it plenty of times in my past) but that causes a seed of resentment to grow instead of a seed of celebration…. which should be the case..




I never imagined that I would own some advanced type tech equipment. I’ve always been a simple chick, you know like I use the earbuds that come with the phone nothing more Ha ha.

But when you are an ENTREPRENEUR you definitely open yourself up to learning things you never thought that you would. In the past I’ve hired or relied on my guy to do the techy stuff. But today is a new day.

I took a chance on WIRELESS SILENT HEADPHONES. Now I can provide my event guests with an experience like never before. Get this…. I know how to work all of my equipment. And I love it more and more each day.

Be right Back…

I am addicted to social media. There I said it. They say the first step in recovery is first admitting that you have a problem right?

I do social media a lot. Yes, I have too because of my business but what about when I’m not conducting business…. why does it consume me? I don’t really know the answer to that but I do know that I take breaks from social media every now and again. I call it REHAB. Lol.

I’m on a break right now. On the

first day I felt antsy. But after a couple of days go by I then realize why I love my life so much. I get to be free from timelines, likes, shares, live videos, and all the constant emotions being thrown at you. Eyes watching you, people judging you or just those annoying ads lol.

I had a til morning talk with my man and it wasn’t about social media. I listened to 300 songs that I love. I ate, I dreamed, I walked, I listened to myself but most importantly I got shit done…

I’ll be back, but until then I’m here.



You can’t just look at me and see the many things that I’ve been through. I’ve worked tirelessly and with much success to overcome the things that would and has caused many people to suffer with depression, anxiety, drug abuse, suicidal thoughts, and many times suicide. I commited myself to finding comfort and healing even in the mist of my many storms. I’ve shared my lifes story before but here are (some) of my life experiences that weren’t so pleasant; I had a parent with an addiction, I’ve been a victim of molestation, attempted rape by a friend, childhood home destroyed by fire at the age of 16, loss of my pregnancy, identity theft, emotional abuse in a relationship, loss of a sibling to suicide, the passing of one of my best friends and I was even electrocuted by a live wire at the tender age of three years old (permanently scarred on both hands). These things have truly molded me into the person I fought and chose to be today. But there is one thing that has nudged at my being since as long as I can remember. One thing that I cannot get over out of all of the many HORRIFIC experiences I’ve encountered. 
It is the fact that I have never had or seen a baby picture of myself. This is something that eats at me and leaves me with a yearning to create memories with a child of my own. I don’t know why this is the situation that causes such unrest. Maybe its the not knowing what I looked like in the very beginning that creates an unsettling feeling. Even some adopted children have baby pictures. I know that there are maybe millions of others who don’t have their baby pictures but I often wonder, What went wrong? Where is the hospital photo? I had both parents, a healthy birth but no pictures. Maybe one day I will not feel so incomplete without this. Maybe I will find one, or maybe GOD needed me to be exactly who I am by seeing the BIGGER PICTURE. 

Daphne Pollard